29 April 2010

Pilot, er, cooks error...

Not everything I cook turns out lovely...

After the Pots de Creme recipe, I had 8 egg whites staring at me each time I opened the fridge...plus I want more Pots de Creme and I just couldn't until the other egg whites were gone! So, before grouting the new tile last night, I got out my trusty Julia Child's "Mastering the art of French Cooking"! Sure enough! "Souffle aux Blancs D'Oeufs" translated: Cheese Souffle with Egg Whites Only. Perfect! Page 173 of the cookery book (I'm not posting the recipe, but if you want it send me a comment and I will be happy to send to you!) and I got started! I did not have any Swiss cheeses in the house, so I used Cotswold, English Double Gloucester with Onions and Chives, in replacement. Cotswold is very popular at The Market, it's tasty and versatile! I also used heavy cream instead of "simmering light cream" with just a bit of water added.

Then something happened...not a good something. The butter/flour/cream sauce got all funky. So, I folded in the egg whites anyway and it was delicious...not beautiful or very light, but tasty! I might have used the wrong size souffle dish as well...seriously, my cabinets only hold so much! I did not take pictures...(too busy shoveling the souffle into mouth) who wants to see an ugly souffle?! I did not have time to regret not doing photos...that grout was screaming my name (I still have 2 more days of it, and it looks darn good!)! Here's hoping YOUR souffle turns out beautiful! Maybe I should have put on a "Julia" apron and said Bon Appetit first?

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