15 April 2010

Pizza with Terrior

French pizza? These folks are giving the Italians a run for the money! We chose this restaurant on the advice of our friend, Sandra, and what fun we had! The restaurant is family owned and operated and offered at least 30 pizzas and a slew of other great things! For a prie fixe of entree, plat & dessert, I chose a pork pate for my entree and it arrived with a small side of salad and cornichons. I chose my pizza with a light mustard sauce, mozzarella, ham, camembert and apples. For dessert...Creme Brulee! YES! A local Gamay wine rounded out the dinner! Casual and fabulous, just what we needed to relax and enjoy ourselves!

John needed an anchovie fix, so he ordered his with olives, capers and anchovies...lovely fillets and beautiful balanced flavor...with Chocolate Mousse for dessert!
The girls (Julia and Jamie) both chose 4 Fromages pizzas, sorbet and creme brulee, respectively for desserts.

We about fell off our charis when dessert arrived...they were huge! We did find the ability to finish them, however!

After a final view of the castle from our bedroom window...it was a day to treasure and remember! I fell asleep dreaming of kings...


  1. I stumbled in to your blog via the Boulevard Market Facebook page, and I'm so envious of your great adventure. Everything sounds wonderful, and the very mention of creme brulee sets me to daydreaming. Thanks for the view from France.

  2. I'm so glad you are enjoying! I too, love creme brulee! I'll be finishing up the France posts soon, but I hope you'll keep reading, there will be lots of other great stuff! Thanks-Erika