08 April 2010

Is this a Farmers Market or what?

On our way to the Musee du Louvre today via foot on a busy boulevard, Rue du Turbigo, we happened upon 2 of my "don't miss" points in Paris! The 1st was a visit to E Dehillerin, a cookware paradise! It was a tight fit, literally, but I left with Birthday treasures! The tiny terrine pans, copper pots, and everything in between had my name on them, however I controlled myself and purchased a few must-haves: knives, wooden pate spreaders, a square tart pan and "Le Repertoire de la Cuisine" book! The girls and John surprised me with an omelet pan later in the evening...I nearly took it to bed with me, I was so excited!

The 2nd must see was the street market and it was phenomenal. Interesting area and the whole street was shut down. I took many photos and bags home, I could not resist the madelains and gateaux, the girls could not resist the racks of clothing! John was sniffing pans full of Paella and oogling the seafood! The "Madame"s start as soon as you pull out your Euros! It was festive, smelly, beautiful...purely heaven!

I have lots to talk about this day, but will save for another post! We are off to my Birthday celebration! Au Revoir!

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  1. I'm so happy that y'all are having such a grand time! You need to travel and blog about it more often, I think!