11 April 2010

Making due ...

On Friday, our original 9am train from Paris to Amboise was cancelled and we were across town from the apartment...so we made the best of 5 hours, by walking across the street to Paris' Musuem of Natural History and Zoo! We meandered thru the grand gardens and visited the zoo. The zoo was an interesting blend of leopards, snakes, birds, etc...and a huge donkey! The donkey didn't say a word until a group of preschoolers came over and then he went nuts! It was adorable! The whole time was chill and natural and beautiful with trees and flowers in bloom.

At Gare d'Austerlitz we finally started the journey to Amboise. I had never had the opportunity to purchase a train ticket that didn't guarantee you a seat (?!?!?!) so it was a bit chaotic boarding the trains.

On to Amboise!

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