07 April 2010

Bon Jour!

We arrived in Le Marais yesterday at 1pm local time and LOVE the apartment! French, tiny and charming! As we were completely jet lagged, yet not too tired to find some fromage (cheese) and baguettes we set off to explore our neighborhood. The Marais district is a lovely neighborhood with many bakeries, fromageries, wine shops and cafes. We explored the local grocery store, florist and Enfants Rouges, Paris' oldest covered market. While many vendors were not open, we found some beautiful produce, homemade ravioli ( from a Napoli native) wine, tangines dinners, cheese, mushrooms and more! (See photo of our dinner, and more on Facebook; The Boulevard Market) While jet lag was making monsters of us all, we had a lovely cheese/baguette supper in our apartment complete with Cahors Malbec. Magnificent! Raw milk Vacherin Mont d'or, tiny, creamy, Brebis, hard, green/grey nubs of goat cheese and garlicky Gaperon. Meat and vegetables consisted of Fresh Mozzarella rolled with arugula, proscuitto, sundried tomatoes...

I have to say, I'm surprised at how many cheeses are the same as we carry at The Market! I am so excited that we can procure such great stuff for Tecumseh-ites!

I am looking forward to breakfast at our local Boulangerie, tomorrow is on to tourist sites of Notre Dame, Bastille, Place des Vosges and the Jewish area of the Marais.

If you haven't had cheese for supper, still on the paper, broken baguette and a slice of pate...do it today and experience Paris through flavor!

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