05 May 2010

French days I'm remembering...

We are still in "Post Paris Bliss" and now that I'm not sharing a computer with 3 daughters, 6 hours ahead of America, I am able to put memories and photos in order!

If you are thinking of visiting Paris these are a few out of the way spots we really loved! There will be no particular order to these posts. ENJOY!

On our last full day in Paris we met up with a fellow Tecumseh-ite and friend, Mel Dickerson (he traveled France for a MONTH-LUCKY!) at Jardin du Luxembourg. It was a beautiful walk from our apartment thru the 6th Arrondissement passing sights like Sainte Chapelle, Saint-Germain-des-Pres a beautiful fountain at St Michel and of course some major sites too! We loved the outdoor booksellers, corner bistros and and as we got closer to Sorbonne and the gardens, the vitality of students! I especially enjoyed a fountain erected by Catherine de Medici at Jardin du Luxembourg. We decided to eat near the Sorbonne campus and passed the Pantheon without going in. I will have to see Victor Hugo on my next trip! We ate at a lovely bistro with fantastic food!

Mel and I enjoyed Quiche Lorraine, John and Jamie weren't quite as keen on their "meat patty", but the potatoes were yummy! Julia got a vegetarian platter with the most delicious salads that (I am working on replicating) were cold and beautifully presented!

I will finish up the day another time...lots to talk about! Au revoir!

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