08 April 2010

Travels & Food

In my opinion there are moments that are life altering. Today was that day! We awoke early after a 2am family pow-wow...it seemed like morning?!?! Place des Vosges, Bastille and Notre Dame are on the agenda. These sites are in a reasonable walking distance from the apartment and we set out! Place des Vosges has a fabulous feel with it's many fountains, trees lined up like soldiers and historical buildings as it's backdrop. We strolled the covered shopping area and sat down for people watching and enjoying the sunshine. We moved on down to the Bastille and felt the gold angel on top watching for us! It was a lovely site representing French history. We walked Henry IV Boulevard on the Seine river side and soaked up the nature around us. We crossed over the Seine halfway to walk the tiny island! We began to see peaks of Notre Dame and soon crossed the river on a foot bridge (with a 4 piece band singing Elvis Presley in English...what?) and arrived!

As we entered the enormous wood and ironworked doors, a hush fell over the people as we took in the stained glass windows, ceiling buttress' and stone monuments. AMAZING...my life has changed to be here today. At once, I see both my insignificance and significance in this world. I lit candles and prayed today at Notre Dame. I am blessed to be here with my family.

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  1. Notre Dame is so beautiful...and so overwhelming!

    It's really wonderful to read about your adventures. I can't wait to hear all about it when you guys come back!