16 April 2010

Sunday Sights; Eiffel Tower

Sunday Morning we braved the metro, it was very simple and we listened to a man playing his trumpet for a bit of change! On our way to Paris' most beloved sight of the Eiffel Tower. It was magnificent! We entered from the south and walked up through the grand gardens, with people having picnics, walking dogs and hanging out. The closer we got, we realized the structure is absolutely huge! We decided not to go up, as the top floor was closed and the lines were tremendously long, so we wandered around the perimeter, enjoyed a beautiful garden with a waterfall and soaked up the sun!

Lunch was at a small cafe several blocks south of the tower, on a lively street with a market and throngs of people! I was in the mood for pasta, but you can imagine my surprise when my "Carbonara" was delivered to the table! What to do? I stirred it up and ate it! In the wise words of my 15 year old daughter, Jamie, "MOM, they are probably from a farm!"

The carbonara was delicious, and I forgot about the raw egg as soon as I had a sip of the Sauvignon Blanc sitting to my left!

Don't you want to try this at home?!?!?!

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