01 February 2011

Quick Mexican Comfort Food

It's a blizzard tonight in southeast Michigan.  The perfect night for pure Mexican comfort food!  John could eat Mexican every night of the week, it's not necessarily my first choice, but I do enjoy it occasionally.  This dish is an exception however, I could eat it round the clock and never get tired of it!  All of the ingredients were in my fridge or freezer (BONUS, as the grocery stores wee a nightmare today!) and it took only a few minutes to whip up!  I apologize, as I don't always take the most lovely photos of food, possibly there is an SLR camera in my future?!

1 pound Mexican fresh chorizo
4 eggs
8 flour tortillas, 8 inches round
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese (yes, I actually purchased this!!)
mild green sauce

In a skillet, saute chorizo until browned, breaking up meat as it cooks. Lightly beat eggs in a separate bowl and add to cooked chorizo.  Stir to combine roughly.  Cook until eggs are just done and remove from heat.  Over a gas burner, slightly toast tortilla until edges are just blackened.  Pile in chorizo mixture and garnish with green sauce and shredded cheddar cheese.  Wrap up and eat warm!

If you cannot source fresh Mexican Chorizo where you live, you can easily make it at home.  I've never measured any of the ingredients, yet it always turns out great, go figure?!

1 lb. fresh pork sausage
apple cider vinegar
ground chili powder

I place pork in a bowl, dump in about 1/2 cup of vinegar and sprinkle in about 1/4 cup of chili powder.  Mix it all up, meat should be a bright pumpkin red color.  The mixture should have a nice pungent, chili smell to it.  Let rest in refrigerator for 24 hours at least in a covered bowl or ziploc bag.  Use in place of ground beef in mexican dishes or try the recipe above!

We also love it sprinkled on refried beans or added to mexican rice!

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