14 February 2011



I think this page will be super fun!  I've been thinking about offering some giveaways for a time, but I wasn't sure how to go about it.  So I poked around on the internet and decided to make the giveaways easy on everyone!  Every so often I will offer up a little something for free (and I'll even pay the shipping) and all you have to do is send a comment/answer to the question etc.  Now the hitch is; 

a) that you  become a follower of my blog, either through  Networked Blogs or google.  I hope you won't mind doing this, as you can make up a name to be "anonymous".  Please add your blog or website...we can link up (I have to learn how to do that :)) 

b) sometimes you might be required to post a comment, which might be answering a question, giving your opinion, etc.   

c)one entry per person with winner chosen at random 

d)feel free to forward to your friends so they can enter too!!


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