14 February 2011

Coffee Bag er...Bag!

Saturday night had us visiting our local coffee roaster that supplies The Boulevard Market with it's incredible freshly roasted beans.  Evelyn Bay Coffee Company is owned by Tia and Rich who are super people, roasting only top grade beans.  They consistently fulfill my darkest desires in Jamaican Blue and Kona beans.  We also have children about the same ages and are independently owned businesses in the same general vacinity, creating specialty goods, so we face many of the same challenges in growing our businesses. 

ANYWAY...as I sat in the adjoining cafe;http://www.evelynbayofbrooklyn.com/index.html, one of my biggest secrets roared it's head.  I am addicted to handbags.  Leather, fabric, woven straw, plastic, totes, clutches, shoulder...it matters not.  I buy them overseas, I buy them every where I go.  They sleep at the top of the closet and wait for my whims.  What does this have to do with coffee you ask?  Well...

Back to my original story, as I sat at the cafe, I was surrounded by the most charming, unique, well made bags I have come across in a long time.  Each bag was crafted from coffee bags and fully lined in fabrics.  Antigua bags, Organic Colombian bags, Hawaiian Kona bags...OMG!  So, after perusing, nibbling on the great food and visiting with new friends ( the owner, Vickie is so sweet)...I selected this one;

Here is the interior...check out the pockets!

Are you wanting now?  Well, here is the link; have fun!  http://www.etsy.com/shop/cafebags#


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