28 February 2011

I swore I'd never....

My mom, Linda with Jamie and my nieces

In the midst of teenage angst, I made of list of the things I swore I'd never do, that my parents did.  I know you have at least one lurking around in your brain too.

I had parents that were so different from my friends parents.  My mother worked full time and my dad stayed at home farming with my grandparents' farm across the road.  We worked on the farms....there was always plenty to do, not much tv watching or telephone talking.  We still had a party line back then and howed the soy bean farms in summer!  I didn't have much appreciation back then, but I grew up to appreciate the ethics they instilled in me.    

Back in the day, they just didn't understand, were from a out of touch generation, yada, yada, yada.  I now have grown children and teenagers.  I officially "do not understand", "am from a different generation", and I (for the first time in my ENTIRE life) wore a denim shirt with jeans.  A denim suit, of different denims, with a floral print scarf, that kinda looks like Little House on the Prairie calico, I wore it out of the house.
Yes, it's nosy little dog, Pierre

My mom loves denim.  Usually with some sort of red, white and blue accessories.  Sometimes plaid or quilted or embroidered.  She looks great in it all, truly.  She even has earrings and bracelets that bring the whole gig together.  It's amazing.  It's Linda.

I swore I wouldn't do it...EVER.  Somewhere between Target's bleach and sponges, the cutest little denim shirt jumped into my cart, the scarf followed and here I am, dressed in denim.  My mother saw me and said it was "adorable".  Hmmm.... usually she says "you shouldn't wear so much black, it washes you out".  She's right of course, but really.

I've made peace with "I swore I'd never..."a long time ago.  In fact, I am enjoying becoming more like Linda as I get older.

My mom is an incredible woman.  She is generous, hard working, a great cook, an inspiration and a handful.  She puts up with our ideas, kids, puppies, businesses and prays for us along the way!  She makes us tow the line, bosses us about child rearing and still tells me step-by-step how to make a salad.  She also feeds my obsessions with dishes (she has one too) and vintage jewelry.  She reads me recipes on the telephone, even though we live 3 miles away.  She drives 1000 miles for my Dad's cancer check ups (85mph on the freeway no less) with my mentally impaired sister in the backseat!  She sits in the rain on spring Saturdays selling my brother's flowers and vegetables.  She is the one that comes through for any emergency, with her overnight bag!!!  She looks great in denim...if I can only live up to those standards, it will be a life well lived.      


  1. Having met her about a million times over the past 6+ (!!) years, I can say that your Mom is made of awesomesauce, and if I can be half that awesome when I grow up, it will be a wonderful thing.

  2. Wonderful post- I have also learned to appreciate my mom and even becoming like her!

  3. Awesome Post!! I can relate (not with the teenagers, my guys are still young) but the slightly eerie yet amazing phenom of slowly turning into my mother, oh and the comment about not wearing so much black..that made me laugh out loud :] The scariest yet is when you start showing up wearing if not the same shirt, but the same colors.

  4. I could give you some of my denim.....but not the jacket. I hear they are valuable and coming back! Were they ever gone?

    When my mom died, close family took what jewelry and scarves they wanted. Then I let my friends go through it and so I sometimes still see familiar items. My mom loved scarves and always wore a silky color that pulled the whole outfit together and then used a sparkly pin to keep it in place. I must say I don't do that much but when I do I always get compliments and I tell them it's my mom's.

  5. I'm writing as a mom -- and a most appreciative mom. We just returned from our day trip to Tecumseh where our primary goal was to visit the Boulevard Market. Our son is a budding gourmand, and you were so very patient with him -- he tasted so many different cheeses (and two B Nektar meads), and you were very kind. He now thinks the world of your store and I guarantee you have a customer for life!

  6. Wonderful tribute to your mom!