28 February 2011

Pierre's Chicken Coop!

I have become "a dog person".  I actually THINK about what my puppy, Pierre, might like to play with.  (Please withhold eye rolling at this point, it gets better)  We have a multitude of toys that squeak, make duck or monkey noises, are soft and/or hard and everything in between.  I put some away and take others out regularly so the baby does not get bored (and proceed to chewing on undesirables).

I mostly shop at our local pet store, Red Mill Pet Supplies, but I was checking out invisible fencing and decided to stop at a PetSmart.  While perusing the nearly ridiculous amount of dog stuff, I came across the new line of Martha Stewart for pets.  You can imagine what happened...I really wanted the "nantucket"-looking cable sweater, crocheted toys, leather harness and everything,  but chose an intelligence building Chicken Coop.  John was bitching the whole time.   It was the best $15 I've ever spent!

I'm not sure I need to build Pierre's intelligence (he occasionally scares me when he understands the words I say) I'm perfectly happy to have a non-highly-intelligent-terrier.  He really likes to hide things, so I thought the coop would be perfect.  Our dog is OBSESSED with this toy.  The barn is plushy and crinkly and has a couple entrances in which to get out stuffed and squeaky chicks.  The dog loves it and the cats really like the barn too.  Pierre plays with this toy everyday and not one tear to the fabric, chicks are still intact and squeaky, it's incredible.
It's impossible to take clear pictures since Pierre is ALWAYS moving!!!

Over the years I've been a sideline fan of M.S. but never got too involved with her products, shows etc.  I was on her side during the prison years (for real, prison time....it boils my feminist blood) and was happy to see her success after that episode.  I respect her for her business acumen and sheer determination.  I now REALLY like her for this dog toy.

I am picking another up for my brother's mini Australian Shepard, Marty, for his birthday next month.  Feel free to commence with the eye rolling at this point...I've gotten used to it when I start talking about dogs!  

Here's a link for the buying the chicken coop online http://dealnay.com/919013/martha-stewart-chicken-coop.html

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