06 January 2012


It's only January 6 and already changes are rolling along in our household! Our Julia works and goes to the community college in Ann Arbor and just moved into her first official apartment!

Julia has held a prime piece of real estate in this household since the remodel of 2001-2.  It is going to turn into my "Project Room".  Note that I did not say "office" or "workspace", that is because I have no real intention of doing serious work in this room.  I intend to create a cookbook, frame pictures, paint watercolors (which I am terrible at), learn more about coffee roasting and do lots of daydreaming in my own little space with a south window overlooking my hollyhocks.  Hence;  projects.... fun projects.  

We painted her room last summer (the lime green was making me crazy) a lovely "coffee with cream" color, and kept the bamboo roman shades and white trim.  Now I'm looking at some fun accent colors!

http://www.design-seeds.com/   I'm loving this site, since it gives me color combination ideas that I wouldn't have thought about!  I'm loving the blues!  I also went to the design-seeds website and did a color search with their funky little "color value" bars.  This way I created the color I had already painted and it automatically took me to palettes that contained that color!  Genius!  I am so in love with this palette:

I LOVE all of the options here and can't wait to get started! 

I have a bit more cleaning to tackle before photographs, and some rearranging of furniture.  Hopefully I can share some "projects" with you soon!

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