16 January 2012

Accent lighting

If you've seen my blog through the months, you'll remember ceramic tiling the backsplash in the kitchen.  I still love it!  Last week I happened upon some really nifty lights I think you might like too!

Since our house is from the 50's, the kitchen cabinets were all custom made, but not how it sounds.  They are all wood, but not that great.  When I wanted some accent lighting under the cabinets, John just looked at, as if my request did not even deserve a response.

Last week I had to run to the local hardware for something or other and found some sweet LED lights that are battery operated and push button! YAY!  Accent lighting coming right up!  $5.99 for 3 lights and $11 for a jillion triple A batteries.  A slightly cheap sticky backing, but whatever, they are not visible unless you are Pierre's height...1 foot 3 inches tall.

Decent accent lighting for $2.  Really great wine too (Slightly more than $2)! 

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