12 January 2012

New Plum Bedroom Paint

Last year (seems odd to say that on only January 12) I decided I needed to repaint my bedroom.  I loved the green, but the color was a bit (more than a bit) out of date and I just needed something different to be quite honest.

John and I had our 1950's ranch home remodeled in 2001-2.  We changed the layout from a typical 3 bed 1 bath to a 4 bed 2 bath and 1st floor laundry.  We changed the layout and added about 800 square feet.  Our children were just 14,12 and 9, so the timing was perfect.  I chose to keep the same bedroom, but had a larger window installed and a small walk-in closet.  At that time, I also had the builder add crown molding to the ceiling, which is painted a glossy white to match all the trim throughout the house.

While I love looking at design magazines, an all white house just isn't for me.  I'm trying to like the grays that are popular now, but I just really prefer full blown saturated colors.  Our slice of SE Michigan tends to have more than it's fair share of cloudy days, so for me, the gray paints just echo that feeling of drab.  I'm not big on lots of "stuff", I tend to trip on rugs and hate open cabinets.  (I would have to dust everything before each use with open cabinets! UGH) 

I have been so happy with having wall sconces with a dimmer added in my bedroom to eliminate the need for lamps.  Because of our layout, I knew I wouldn't be moving the bedroom furniture until all the kids moved out and could always put the dresser between the sconces and it would still look decent.  It also keeps valuable floor space available as our bedroom only measures 12X15.

My bedroom dresser and side tables are cherry with brass fixtures.....had to work with that.  Many wall colors looked really putrid with the cherry.

I knew I wanted to do a shade of plum, yet that was harder to choose than I thought!  Most shades that appeared "plum" were garish purples and orchids once I got them home.
I finally went with a color called "Chocolate Raspberry"- how can that be "plum"?  It was exactly what I wanted!  A neutral/brown undertone, rich, deep color, yet restful and soothing.  I decided to go with black accents, curtain rods, picture frames etc. that sort of tone down the plum.

I had a bit of good luck when I stopped at the neighborhood hardware store and found these cool wall plaques that were a tarnished brass look actually designed as garden decor.  I scooped up 4 different styles and hung them on each side of the dresser mirror to tone down and echo the dresser handles.

I had trouble with the bedding.  Most styles were too contemporary to go with the furniture, or too white to hold up to 2 cats, a dog and people that make chocolate at work!  I settled on this comforter "set" that I don't love, but works great until I find one that I love.  The plum is here for the long haul, so there is no rush!

I added a rattan cube that adds some storage for extra blankets and a great place to store things off the floor.  (Pierre uses it as a boost to jump on the bed too!)  I bought an ugly picture at the flea market in a great frame for $5 and swapped out a piece of a reproduction Van Gogh which adds a great splash of yellow to all the plum!  While my goal is always original art, this French scene over my bed is lovely to me.  I like it's darkish muted colors and dreamy focus.


I still haven't found curtain panels I want, so I've just left some white sheers until I do.  I also really liked these wrought iron curtain rod & ends.  It gives a bit of architectural interest in an otherwise boring location.    I'm thinking of have some big, floor length curtains made, similar to some in the apartment in Paris we stayed.  I would like a beige-y pin stripe fabric with pinch pleats on top and possibly wrought iron exposed hooks or circles.  A little sheen to the fabric might be great too. 

I'm shocked at the neutrality of the plum.  I love it with yellows, blues, greens and even orange, looks great as an accent color.

Now that the holidays are over, I will have a bit of time to visit some unusual spots for vintage finds and great decor items to bring the whole room together!  


  1. Because I've had lots of requests; I bought the paint at Lowe's and it's the Valspar ultra premium interior satin latex in Chocolate Raspberry.

  2. Repainting the walls can dramatically transform the whole bedroom.