22 January 2012

Fabulous Bar of Soap

I have been a Nesti Dante soap girl for at least 5 years.  I NEVER thought I'd change bar soaps....until I received a bar of Michel Design Works soap for Christmas.

An incredibly beautiful wrapper of stiff, elaborately designed paper, with a small silver medallion on the front leads the way to "Hyacinth Iris" scented shea butter soap, that is made in England.  This bar is made of palm oil and enriched with shea butter, so it never dries out my skin, which is lovely for a Michigan winters.  While it's a floral scent, it's not overwhelming or cloying and the scent stays with me for hours!

I'm looking forward to sampling a new scent, yet these bars are HUGE, so I think it will be spring before I'll be purchasing again!  After looking at the company's website, I'm thinking some of their entertaining items might be PERFECT to carry at The Market!  It's always fun shopping for the store!

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