08 November 2010

Wine for Thanksgiving

I've made my Thanksgiving menu with only one added dish from last year. If I change incrementally there is less eye rolling and sighs! I am all about traditions, but seriously, folks in my house don't accept Holiday changes EVER!

This Thanksgiving, we have our daughters here, Lewis, first daughter's boyfriend and John's folks for dinner. Then, my parents, brothers, sister and families are coming for dessert later. In between, I should have time to run the dishwasher, catch a snooze and take a walk.

The wine better be good, because I think I will be drinking a lot of it! I usually choose Pinot Noir and Beaujolais Noveau for reds. A favorite Italian Malvasia and a not too dry Chenin Blanc for whites. They are great classics and we like them (it's usually a crapshoot on the Noveau) and they please everyone. This year I am being selfish about the wine choices. I'm buying things I like. So, on the red circuit for dinner we are having Villa Rubini's Cabernet Franc and Schioppettino-YUM! Light bodied, full of flavor, not too fruity...perfect! I am also loving a Savoie white that is rich, sort of soft and dry.

Dessert will be interesting. I'm choosing Villa Rubini's Pignolo which made in an Amarone style, for a chocolate dessert (will post recipe later) and Merk's Verduzzo, which is quite sweet with a bit sweet/salty nut tart (recipe later) and I haven't decided on wine for pumpkin pie. Maybe a sparkling wine?

I think it's shaping up to be a great Thanksgiving day!! Family, food, great wine....what more could I ask for?
Dimitri from Villa Rubini visited The Market in October and brought not only great wine, but laughs and friendship! His wine lineup is available at The Market and while I yakked about the reds, his whites are phenomenal and would totally rock Thanksgiving dinner! Call me if you are wanting something special from Villa Rubini ( Ribolla Gialla Sparkler?) and we can order if it's not on the shelf!

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