21 November 2010

Small Luxuries

With the holidays approaching, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite gifts to give and receive.  I love to buy small luxury items for my daughters that have classic styling and I think they love receiving them (if not, I'm not opposed to re-gifting or hand-me-backs from them!!)I allow the girls to choose their larger gifts, but the FUN part of gift giving is the surprises!  I would much rather receive a gift that my family member chose on their own than a "list" of gifts I want.  

The other idea is that these gifts be affordable...while I'm not opposed to the "O" list, I refuse to spend $500 on a sweater.  I don't care how great/soft/flattering it is.  "Affordable" means different things to different people.  I will define it this way "I'm not going to be furious if it gets lost, damaged, found in daughter's car trunk next year or covered in cat hair!"   

Here is a list of my favorite affordable, luxury items that I love everyday. 

I apprciate this throw every time I touch it, take a cat nap or throw it over my shoulders to run to the mailbox.  It was a gift to "myself" for traveling and it's lovely.  $125  (The Hotel Collection, which looks like its no longer available, but I found tons with google)

I carry this in my bag for writing inspirational things, menus, quotes, websites etc.  It has lovely thick, ivory paper inside and a fun little leather tie that wraps around to keep it closed.  $15
(Valentina, I couldn't find my exact copy online, but here's a site I love for beautiful Italian goods; www.eyeitalia.com/

I can tailor my fragrance to my mood of the day!  Dabbing on pulse points versus a spray makes this collection feel very feminine and old world.  They all smell fabulous!  $20ish

Lovely filigreed rings, charms, pendants, funky pins and more!  I have a local jeweler that has a revolving selection of estate and vintage pieces that can be had for reasonable prices.  I purchased one daughter a signet ring with beautiful scroll work and engraved with her initials.  Rose gold pieces have a great patina that I love.  With the price of gold so high these pieces have become a bit pricier, but still affordable.  $50 and up 
(Hacker Jewelers  www.hackerjewelers.com)

A few years back, we made a choice to start purchasing artwork that we love and eventually replace all reproduction pieces in our house.  It has been really fun!  I didn't spend a lot of money, yet each piece represents a distinct place, time and person (artist) that brings great memories to the surface.  Gregg Perez is my friend and a local artist that produces beautiful pieces for sale at The Boulevard Market and other galleries in Michigan.  Gregg's artwork can be very reasonably priced and custom framed to fit your decor.
 I have a print from a Parisian artist in my kitchen that (I brought back from our trip that I LOVE) I framed simply.  It brings me joy everyday.  $70 euro+$15 to frame

 By the way, my friend Barb S. had the BEST idea for getting exactly the gift you love!  Apparently, her dog always gives the best gifts!  Happy gift giving!


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  1. Hello, Erika!

    I'm thrilled to hear you found our blog and that you like it. My daughters and I really enjoy writing our little blog, and new readers make us soooo happy. I took a peek at your blog, and I can already tell you are our kind of gal.

    I love the idea of a food-related book club! Have you thought of reading "The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake," by Aimee Bender? or, going back a while, "The Shell Seekers," by Rosamunde Pilcher? Both are filled with descriptions of food. Pilcher's descriptions are so mouthwatering and lovely that it always makes me want to jump up and cook something! (Also, the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" series seems to forever have somebody making/eating sandwiches and drinking black coffee, but the novels are graphic and not for the faint of heart.)

    I am adding you to my Google Reader list, and I'm going to spend a significant portion of my rainy Sunday here, reading backward in time in your blog.

    Would LOVE to see a photo or five of your seasonally appropriate Xmas tree--what a clever idea! Thank you for the terrific suggestion. If I can figure out how (cue the daughters, at this point!), I'd love to put a link in my "Seasonal Affection Disorder" post to your photos. It'd be a pleasure to show a retailer who's doin' it right.

    May your days be filled with laughter and your shop with hungry customers,