27 November 2010

Getting Crafty

I have always loved the Boxwood.  I have a few of the traditional, bright green boxwood shrubs in protected areas of my landscaping, as they don't always perform well in Michigan winters.  I did not trim them much this summer in anticipation of a holiday wreath to decorate my front door.  Thanksgiving day brought us fairly mild temperatures so I donned John's coziest flannel shirt, leather work gloves and grabbed my trusty Felco pruners.  I trimmed all of the stray growth off and gathered a couple arm fulls of cuttings. 

I had stopped at the craft store earlier in the month to pick up some wire wreath frames.  I paid about $3 and also purchased green florist wire on a flat spool. 

It's so simple to put together your own wreath.
  1. Gather all greens using many different lengths.  You can use a variety of different greens, box 
  2. Gather up frame, wire cutters or scissors and florist wire.
  3. Take small, handful size bunches and hold next to wreath frame and using plenty of florist wire, wrap to secure.  
  4. When adding a new bunch, place about 3 inches behind ends of previous bunch.  This way the wire is covered up by the ends of the branches already secured.
  5. Look at your wreath hanging on the door. Trim off stray ends and add additional greens to fill any bare spots.
  6. Decorate with berries, bulbs, ribbon for desired look.  

Enjoy! The boxwood dries out really quickly in the house, but will last about 3 months outside in Michigan.

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