28 September 2012

The Cookbook

I'm in the midst of writing a cookbook that I intend to self publish this fall.  Now that it's on "paper" or "public" I absolutely HAVE to finish it!!!

The cookbook idea has been a dream of mine for ages and technology has made it amazingly easy to make it happen.  In fact, the digital press that is printing my books is just in a small neighboring town and I can pick them up once they have been printed.  We are looking at a release date of November 1. (OMG)  "Seasons In My Kitchen" Winter edition.  It's all happening....

What has not been so easy is the sheer amount of TIME the little bugger is taking!  It's making me crazy.  I am cooking like mad, photographing as I go, re-photographing, re-designing, blah, blah, blah.

So this is a bit of an apology, I promise the blog will have recipes, food thoughts and more as soon as I get the perfect shot of vegetables.  Or have the puppy potty trained.

At the very least, I'm super excited to have blackmailed my eldest child into editing the cookbook.  And we are eating better than we have in 3 month., And the gnats are finally starting to die.  And I have a store full of wine for when the going gets really tough.  And Henry only had 1 accident yesterday.  And it's another beautiful day in Michigan....