01 September 2012


Today I'm introducing "Henry".  He is the new addition to our family! 

I didn't believe I would ever be a dog person!  Now TWO dogs!

Little Henry is quite a character.  For only 8 weeks, he's is growling and barking like a big dog and trying to keep up with Pierre.

Pierre isn't sure what to think yet.  He is being a great big brother with nudges and sharing his toys.  He is not impressed with Henry's tail biting or blanket snatching.


We had been contemplating getting a puppy for sometime.  A little playmate and companion for Pierre.  Pierre will turn 2 in September and is a great little dog.  He is really well behaved, so I hope he can help teach Henry too!

After only 3 days, the house is a wreck of doggie paraphernalia, we are working on getting everyone on the same dog food and John and I look deathly from 4 am potty runs and new pup sharp nails.  However, we are in love with the new "baby" and we are getting new carpet in the spring!!


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