11 September 2012

Things I've been thinking about this week...

Who's bright idea was it to create a bagless vacuum cleaner.  I don't need to see how dirty we really are, not to mention, I like to vacuum up spiders and I'm terrified they will still be alive when I go to dump the canister.  I wonder how long they can live in the dust?

I'm super impressed with the visual quality of fake gourds.  Kudos to the inventor...no gnats.

I've decided to only fry potatoes in duck fat from now on.  omg.  Before you start thinking about the calories, think of how magnificent just a few taste.

Two little dogs can fit on my lap just fine.  Like ying and yang.  It's a little hairy, but lots of love!  I think they are starting to love each other too!

The dogs found an old barbie head in the yard this weekend.  Since it has been at least 10 years since I had seen the last barbie in the yard, I thought it was amazing what the earth offered up.  Sorta creepy, but really impressed that she's still wearing an earring!

Found a mutant dragonfly buzzing around the house this week.  Very little rain for months has brought out some interesting characters.

Pierre turns 2 years old this week!! We are having a party at home, and I'm making carob brownies for the "boys"!  I can't believe it!  His gift was to go to the farm with John (Henry stayed home) and ride on the golf cart with my folks!

So, I'm sorta surprised that my snarky posts are viewed 10 to 1 to my recipes.....I sincerely thought people would really like the squash blossom recipe?!?!?!  However, the "Homemade Frosty Paws"
is still the top viewed post.  Hmmmm.

I think I had the most disgusting experience ever in a restaurant over the weekend.  Lipstick marks on a wine glass. Eeeeewwww.  And then you just have to pray they actually gave you a new glass and new wine....or just hope the alcohol kills everything.

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