17 September 2012

Fall Favorites

I love autumn, everything about it.  Bountiful squash from the gardens and farms, he cool nights and warm days, the first fall Asters and Mums in purple, orange and reds,  freshly baked Pumpkin Bread and talk of college football.

The first fall day, I run to pick up a new bag of Aromatique Cinnamon Cider potpourri and candle!  (I actually leave some in my bedroom all year, that's how much I love the smell!)  The bag is always full of funky shapes, nuts and flowers and the smell lasts forever.  It's fabulous stuff!

I slowly start bringing in my herb plants to adjust them to house living, and I love my kitchen/dining room windowsills bursting with their green-ness and herby fragrances!   

I had to run into Target the other night and stopped dead in my tracks at the front of the store in the dollar area!  CUTEEEE!  I screamed to John as I scooped up stuff and threw it in the cart!  These metal trimmed tags for gifts and canned goods, some "baker's twine" and tiny mini muffin papers in autumnal stripes.   All $1 each.  I think they had other things that were cute too, but I was getting "the look".  You know the one.  The one that says my patience with you has run out......I get it at the pet store, Loft and Williams Sonoma.  That is the reason I carry an emergency chocolate bar in my purse, for John.

Of course I am in love with baking this time of year.  Apple everything, pumpkin anything and roasting chickens, beef and potatoes.

I found these SWEET preserving jars at Williams Sonoma last week.  Lid included, from France.  I'm so happy I did not have to purchase them online and I think they will be beautiful full of caramelized onion marmalade!  Bonus; they sell them individually for $4.

I'm picking my pears this afternoon.  Always the best day!  It takes a couple weeks for them to ripen in the garage.  I have a smaller harvest than last year, which is ok.  I'm planning on wine poached whole pears, a pear/nut/raisin conserve and a pear pie with a struesel topping.

The tiniest peach tree EVER has quite the bounty this year!  I think there were more, but I found the dogs picking them!!!  I know.  They are nearly ripe, so I may wait until later this week.  

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