27 August 2012

Are we Anti-Women? My thoughts.....

Every now and again, there are some political issues that really get under my skin and I just can't stop stewing over.  I am seeing links constantly on Facebook and other social sites, the media is ranting about it, my daughter is discussing it..... the "Anti-Women Movement".

As the mother of 3 daughters, this really concerns me.  Personally I have never met a person that would be considered "anti-woman".  Except perhaps the media that is willing to to report and degrade many women depending upon where they fall politically.  Really, how many women were discussing Sarah Palin and their disgust of her a few years ago?  I could care less what you vote, but should we, as women, treat another woman (and her daughters) that way she was treated and claim we are for the advancement of women?  Why couldn't anyone but Republicans say "You go girl!"  Can you imagine how awful it was for Hillary Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky garbage?   

My grandmother always impressed upon me the importance of women voting.  EVERY time.  For what you believe in, but never for someone who is simply charming, you had to educate yourself and be true to your beliefs.  She was ahead of her time in women's rights....and she never felt it necessary to explain herself.

Is this an abortion issue?  Birth control?  Power?  Money?  

The tabloids are full of terrible photos and words on women celebrities...and women are buying the tabloids, ready to tear down our women! 

I have also found quite a few women that are ready to bash any woman that doesn't fit into their realm or threatens them in any way both in business, friendships and merely on the streets.     

Years ago I read a book that was written by a woman CEO of a luxury brand and a European.  She impressed me by discussing MENTORING women in her book.  In fact, she was acting exactly like men by promoting women within her corporation and using her personal /professional contacts to help young women find employment in their desired field.

Can we be more like that?  Can we mentor our young women by helping them be educated, independent, successful and respected?  Can we PROMOTE women owned businesses and women lead businesses by shopping/using their services more often?  Can we spend our dollars on supporting women candidates in politics or maybe at least not bashing them for what they believe in? 

By the way, I LIKE to cook, clean, wear lipstick, being married AND running a corporation with lots of women helping me along the way.  I'm hustling everyday to make sure those rights don't go away....


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