23 August 2012


This week I found it necessary to get a new laptop.  It has made me very uncomfortable.

Funny how the camera captured dust isn't it?!

The updated technology is awesome, the lack of programs junking up my system is awesome, the overall design, size and features are awesome.

I'm slowly resetting things to get to where I like them.
I've also found a keyboard lock key...took 15 minutes to figure out how to undo that one.  I also found an instant photo button, but I'm not sure what it does exactly and I'm afraid to push it at 5am and accidentally take a photo of myself that will be saved in the machine forever.     

It's just so new and foreign.  I'm trying like hell not to become my mother with technology.  I am filling it up with photos and my "stuff" and transferring old "stuff" as necessary.  It's painful not to see every document I've created in the last 4 years...but I'm letting go and cleaning out.

Does this happen to anyone else?  I am usually very willing to change and even embrace most changes.  (Laundry detergent would be the only exception to that rule.)

So if you see horrid pictures or crazy posts, you'll know the cause now!  Hopefully, you'll see a lovely new cookbook designed on this machine, posts of the new puppy we are picking up soon and lots of food and travel ideas....all together now, fingers crossed!

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