05 August 2012

The shores of Lake Michigan

I am always amazed at the beauty of Lake Michigan and it's just a mere 2 hour drive from our home.  Lovely white sand beaches, clean water and funky little beach towns.  The further north you go (Michiganders in SE Michigan call it "Up North") the coastline becomes a public State Park and beach goes on for hundreds of miles.

John and I escaped to an old haunt, Ludington.  John has gone to Ludington for a week every year since he was a child and then we took our children to Ludington for a week long vacation for many years.  We hadn't been there for at least 5 years as it has been increasingly difficult to find a week away from our lives.

This was our first "empty nest" trip....weird.  We stayed in a lovely little suite of rooms with a balcony that had a  lake view including Ludington's lighthouse and pier.  We watched the SS Badger (car ferry) move in and out of "port" a couple times each day and generally just relaxed.  It was a fantastic getaway with much sun, sand and prosecco.

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  1. Sounds lovely! I, too, have been missing Lake Michigan, so my daughter and I will head out there in a couple weekends. I can hardly wait!