02 August 2012

I'm back to myself....I think.

This has been an interesting summer.  I haven't been around my blog too much, or anywhere else for that matter.  Here's the down low on what's happening around my life.

In May I was having a bunch of weird visual issues. It got to the point in June/July where I just couldn't stand to be on the computer or read for more than a few moments because of the distortion.  My visual acuity wasn't the problem, just a distortion of the picture.  So I have spent a lot of time at University of Michigan's eye center getting bizarre tests done.  It seems I have some "lesions" (bumps) on my retina which were causing all the problems.  The doctors aren't sure what they are or why I got them, "unusual" was a word that kept popping up. 

I have been noticing steady improvement since about 3 weeks ago and at last week's appointment, there showed no active cells left in the lesion.  YAY!! I do have a few places in my vision field that have no vision, but the other eye compensates and its not very noticeable.

Since John was diagnosed with Kerataconus (a cornea disease) 15 years ago, he was really supportive through the whole ordeal.  I also had to apologize to him. I used to bitch about small messes and what-not around the house, missed details in many things...then I was doing the same things!!!  The lack of visual acuity really makes a difference.  So we are cleaning it all up together :)   

 I'm so thankful to not grate off my fingers around every microplane, not stumble over every glitch in my walking path and notice the cobwebs lurking around my place once again!  I'm also so very thankful for the support of family and friends and great healthcare located nearly in my "backyard"!    I have so much to catch up on!  You'll see lots of new recipes and photos in the coming weeks!  Thanks for your understanding and patience!!


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  1. Oh, my goodness! I had no idea. So glad to read that you seem to be on the mend. Years ago I lost my sense of smell for a while, and it was shocking to see how much the whole world goes gray when one of the five senses fails. So very happy to hear that your world is coming back "in focus."