26 April 2011


How busy are you?  Do you do the things you want to do or are you too busy?  Do we create busy...hmmm that's a big thought for so early in the morning.    

I saw a television clip not long ago from a motivational speaker/business consultant, Danielle La Porte.  You can find her here http://www.whitehottruth.com and she is a firecracker! 

The particular clip was about being "BUSY".  The synopsis was how everyone is "busy" and each person feels their "busy" is more important than someone elses "busy" and that people will be competitive about how "busy" they are!!  It's also about how we use "busy" as an excuse for not doing _______.

I found the whole clip to be hilarious and enlightening.  Do I use "busy" as an excuse?  The short answer is "yes and yes and no".  

I tracked my "busy" for a week and found I did use "busy" as an excuse to not complete some ugly tasks ...hardly a federal offense.  I claimed "busy" to send regrets to a couple's wedding shower...I am sending a gift early, and I really do have other plans that can't be changed.  Then I cleared my schedule for this weekend to just be with family, no busy what-so-ever; college graduation and having the family over for supper. 

There are 22 of us...but 4 were "too busy"!! 

Sure, it will be busy, a great, fun, fabulous kind of busy with family!  I can't think of a better way to spend my time....        

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