14 April 2011

Perennial pursuits

The first daffodil of the year

Michigan is finally feeling a bit of Spring weather!  I changed plans, grabbed the old gardening shoes and left house cleaning for a rainy day!

I decided to tackle the front cottage garden as it was still full of leaves and old stalks.  The cottage garden was put in about 12 years ago and I have a variety of perennials, so it doesn't usually get cut back heavy in the fall because I still have blooming mums, asters and hydrangea.
Rhubarb is rearing it's ugly, but tasty head

I liken perennials to people while gardening, some have spread out a bit, some are getting thin on top.  A few are still as vital as the day I met them and others didn't return after a hard winter.  I always remember who shared which plants and send them a celestial "hello" or "miss you" and continue to dig.  I always remember someone's pleasure when given the promise of a blooming perennial.  It's the beginning of a long relationship.

There is still much work to do this Spring, but I will be amongst old friends, my flowers.
Toad has seen better days...guarding the garden pond

I am looking forward to adding some new rose bushes this year...http://www.teapotsandpolkadots.net/2011/04/riotous-roses.html  was such an inspiration and I have a couple roses that over winter reverted back to standard rootstock.  Maybe fuschia? Oh, the possibilities!!

The vegetable garden is being planned and plotted too.  It has scaled back in size over the last years, as my brother farms vegetables.   However, he refused to plant my favorite green beans and shallots.  Plus, I like to pick my own stuff...my lettuce tastes better than his!  My sweat, blood and tears give it a little "sumpin sumpin" extra.
The only chicks & hens I'll be raising this year!

I hope you are enjoying your gardening as well and give me a call if there's a perennial you're looking for....        


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