09 April 2011

A fabulous year begins...

Yesterday was my birthday. I contemplated wearing the sweater I wore on my birthday last year, in hopes of denying another year had passed me by. 
Birthday 2010-Paris

I don't mind getting older (much) it's more the feeling that life has sped up and I still have so many things I want to do!!!  I thought my "Things to do in this Life" list would get shorter and instead, I find myself adding to it every week!  There are so many places and people, things to cook and eat...stuff to explore!

My partner in crime, John, always makes my birthday special.  How did I ever get so lucky to have him by my side for 22 years?  John can make cheese and play anything on an electric guitar.  He can MMA train, kicking ass and sing "Happy Birthday" to me while holding p-dog.  He makes me laugh everyday and took me to Paris.  He is the love of my life. 

His gift to me was "Pixie"!!! Nespresso's newest espresso machine.  An orange one...we drank espresso at 11pm toasting another great year.  John also got an enormous sampler pack of cartridges in every flavor.   It was a fantastic day! 
Meet Pixie!

The Roma is fabulous!

Our oldest daughter, Gina, fed some of my serious addictions...soap.  She sent me this little beauty and a this sweet little candle.  I am loving the cat (as did she) and the fact that it killed the odor of frying corn tortillas in oil the other night.  It's a miracle.  I am saving the soap until tonight...I've just been enjoying the beautiful aroma and package.

My mom fed my dish addiction with sweet,earthy Japanese small plates and a lemon pound cake!!! She also forced some forsythia branches for me and brought a lovely bouquet to The Market for all to enjoy.
Lemon Pound cake with Chocolate and Pistachios!

Flowers from Mom

Julia and Jamie sent lots of birthday wishes, kept Pierre in line and the homestead tidy.  Those were great gifts!
My in laws had a short visit and a Frank Sinatra singing card with some cash tucked inside.  Enough for a cute pair of stripey capris I've been eyeballing.  That was a great gift and Sinatra is still singing this morning!
My friend Mel brought me Madagascar Cocoa!!

I received lots of Birthday wishes from friends and family, near and far...Facebook can be amazing.  I am raring to start another year full of love, adventure, food and family!       



  1. Oh, sorry I didn't know your b'day was yesterday. But Happy Birthday! (plus a day) anyhow.