06 April 2011

This weeks thoughts....

Pierre is our first dog.  How long do you have to dance, get excited, give treats and generally flip out every time they go potty outside?  None of the books tell me this important fact.
Pierre helping himself to a snack.....

I always thought it quite odd when a sales clerk would check a pair of shoes in the box before ringing up my purchase.  Like I was trying to buy 2 different sizes or something...until I got a box of shoes home the other day and realized I only had 1 shoe!!!!  Shoe checkers everywhere, I apologize and carry on checking shoes, please!!

I realized yesterday I still have Christmas potpurri on my bathroom vanity.  Pinecones, sparkly ribbon and juniper berries galore.....it matches the wreath that is still stuck on the exterior of The Market (and the weather in Michigan).
Potpurri exchanged for spring tulips!

I really love greek salads at Coney Island restaurants.  Especially when they add chickpeas and english cucumbers.  They always taste better there in the funky little clear plastic dishes shaped like lettuce leaves!

I cannot get over being horribly disgusted when the dog eats poop outside.  We installed an invisible fence last month, so at least I won't have to witness it much longer!  UGH!

Sweet Fentiman's Tonic water bottle says "SPRING!"
I had been loving Ray LaMontagne's music until the song "Beg, Steal Or Borrow" which talks about a young man who is willing to do all 3 above mentioned to get out of his small hometown.  The lyrics go on to say "Pull all the friends that you knew in school, They used to be so cool, now they just bore you.  Look at 'em now already pullin' the plow, So quick to take to grain like some old mule."  Really?  This makes me want to rant about attitudes regarding young people taking up farming.


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  1. Ohhhh, I feel for ya with Pierre's behavior! I, too, used to do the Happy Dance and give my dogs treats every time they did something in the garden. Until a trainer saw me do this. She asked why on Earth would I reward the dog for something it is going to do anyway. I realized it was because, years ago, I had to drive The Boy to the bus stop every morning early, and I had very little time to stand around and watch my first dog select The Perfect Spot to do his business.

    Now I praise them quietly but no more treats.

    Except for the little one, 15 months old, who still has accidents indoors sometimes. He gets the Happy Dance when he does stuff outside.

    He is also a poop eater. A grosser habit I can't imagine. I can't leave him outdoors for a minute without being on his leash, pegged down, or he'll search out the poop and gobble it up.

    I decided to make his horrible habit a helpful one. Now, after all three dogs have pooped in the morning, I ask Pao to "find the poop!" and we go around the garden together (him on a leash). When he finds some, I give him a small, business-like tug so he remembers the drill: Sit down. Wait while Mom pics up the poop. Extend paw for a hearty hand shake and tons of verbal praise.

    Maybe this will work with Pierre, too? I can only hope both our little guys grow out of this obnoxious behavior.