04 November 2012

Aperitif anyone?

Autumn is a favorite food time for me.  I'm always in love with a slow cooked dish and sides of fresh vegetables from the garden.

Autumn is also a time when my life gets very hectic owning a retail store.  We are hosting events, preparing stock for the holidays, etc.

I need a bit of time to catch my breath after work and begin to wind down.

For several years, John and I have loved having an aperitif before beginning our evening.  Usually a little cordial glass with a cold splash of Pomme de Normandy, Lillet or Banyuls, depending on the season.

Aperitifs are meant to prepare/stimulate your appetite and that they do!  If you'd like to read more about the history of the aperitif, check out this link!

I am super excited that Dolin Vermouth and Cocchi Americano and Vermouth are now available in Michigan.  I love the fact they are full of real herbs and spices (healthy, yes?) and cannot wait to start exploring the world of vermouth!

I also love their very European and occasionally retro bottle art!  I always believe the entire experience should be beautiful and visuals do make a difference.

I recently splurged on glassware for our "experience" as well which adds to the overall feel of this slice of time being special.  I like the fluted sides, and it allows me to either drink my aperitif "neat", over ice, or add a slice of lemon zest.  Some of our cordial glasses are too small to allow that.

Years ago I read something or other about Europeans, their art and visual beauty and the basic gist was that

 {....You don't have to OWN art and beauty, you simply have to see it, appreciate it and take enjoyment of the moment that you are experiencing it....}.

I really love this concept and it explains clearly why Europe is so beautiful in it's buildings, museums, shopping, even the smallest things are meant to visually please and inspire.  I am trying to be a bit more like that everyday.  Create a small piece of beauty to enjoy.


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