13 May 2012

Warning...post contains a bug photo!

My little dog, Pierre, usually likes little things.  He rolls in dead worms, lifts his little leg on small branches that have fallen and even has normal size dog treats cut in half.  He stands about 1 foot 3 inches and weighs just under 12 pounds.

Pierre adores big bugs.

In Michigan we have "June Bugs" this time of year.  It's a fat beetle about an inch long, shiny light brown with hooked legs that stick to things.  They dive bomb lights at night and then later in the summer, you'll find their papery shells attached to tree bark. 

Feel free to check out this link if you're feeling really scientific or into entomology; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phyllophaga_%28genus%29

Pierre is just fascinated with these June bugs.  He finds them and drags them into the house to play with.  So nice.  They hook on his lips as he dances around.  When nearly dead from being "dog handled", he rolls on them repeatedly until they are completely incapacitated.  Then he runs out to find another.

I'm never sure if I should reprimand him or just enjoy the show as the bugs are only here for a short time. 

I always thought I'd have a little dog that loved plaid sweaters and fluffy doggie beds, instead my dog likes black bandanas, bbq chips, my daughter Julia's dirty socks and sleeping in anyone's bed! He's probably been watching LA Ink and Jersey Shore while I'm at work....

It could be worse however, at least he hates spiders as much as I do!

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