20 May 2012

Making a Kir Royale

Kir Royale
  • ·       Crème de Cassis
  • ·       Champagne or other dry Sparkling Wine
A lovely bottle of Crème de Cassis was the highlight of my week!  Blue skies, summer-like weather, a shorter project list and a recently bathed dog added to my contentment.  

Last evening was the perfect time to indulge in a Kir Royale.  A cocktail originally made with just a dry white wine from Burgundy, like Chablis, I’ve instead added a sparkling Cremant de Limoux!  I think the wine’s bubbles add glamour and elegance as well as a bit more refreshment than still wine.  Crème de Cassis is a liqueur made of black currants.  Its ruby red color and sweet/tart nature make it lovely drizzled over berries, a fresh sponge cake or part of a cocktail.

Take 2 champagne flutes or wine glasses, add about a tablespoon of Crème de Cassis and fill the flute full of sparkling wine, or the wine glass half full of sparkling wine.  Enjoy!

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