30 May 2012

Things I'm thinking about this week....

It creeps me out that advertising on websites coincidentally matches up with what I just searched for in a different window....yes, I read 1984, way BEFORE 1984 and I don't like it.  I do enjoy seeing the Mauviel Copper Jam pot photos that I searched for all over the place, but I'm waiting for the price to be $100....(let's see if that happens now, shall we :))

Clothes dryers are at my top 10 list of stuff ever invented!  2 days of crispy-line-dried undergarments after the dryer died made me So grateful for Downy-fresh-warm-out-of-the-dyer-wrinkle-free-clothing!!

Our boy Otto the cat, is now on a corn-free, wheat-free, fish-free diet to control allergies or has IBS.  I think it's his psyche that is making him sick.  He wants me to make him biscuits like the dog's.  Really.  He also loves vanilla Kaopectate of which he receives 2 mg per day, per the vet.  Really. 

For the 1024th time, I've had s friend inquire about RAW (unroasted) cacao beans used in our chocolate bar production.  FACT: The world has been roasting cacao beans since at least the 1400's because it makes them TASTE better!!  Are you drinking "raw" coffee too?  FACT: Cacao beans are dried on the ground in mainly 3rd world countries without appropriate sanitation, so they are rife with Salmonella.  Salmonella can be active for at least 7 years until heating kills it....why would you purposely eat this or feed it to your kids?  I'm all about nutrition, fermentation and low processed foods, but I like to avoid monkey s*** and spiders creeping on my edibles.  But that's just my opinion.

I purchased an oyster mushroom growing kit last month.  I have had two dreams now about the spores infiltrating my kitchen and mushrooms growing out of the walls.  I think a re-gifting might be in order.  Just in case.

It's funny how the media, occupy wall street and the government are all bitching about "big business" and yet don't apply it to themselves.....I always want to comment something on the order of "who employs folks that actually receive 6 weeks paid vacation, 401k plans, shared health insurance costs, sick time, etc."  Big business, that's who, I surely can't as a "small business"!




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