07 May 2012

Updating my bathroom decor

We are at 7 weeks and counting to Jamie's graduation party and my project list is SLOWLY getting smaller!  I've gotten a couple of the worst projects finished, or mostly finished....there's that towel bar and that switch plate cover.

I have a large bathroom that needed just the decor updated.  I wanted something totally different and fresh.  Years ago when we remodeled, I painted the walls with a natural sponge technique, using 3 colors.  The base was a dark taupe.  I had 2 other colors mixed with glaze, a grey/green and oyster.  I sponged on the green and then the oyster over that.  I still really love the walls as they are very subtle and have lots of depth without distinct color.

 My cabinets are cherry and all of the hardware is brushed nickel.  The floor is done with a white ceramic (yes, the dumbest thing EVER I did was choosing white grout) and so is the tub/stool/sinktop.

Rugs before....

Previously, I had lots of reds and oranges, oriental rugs and dark burgundy/brown curtains and shower curtains.  I had a 4 glass shelf thing that was not too bulky and looked ok. I also have an antique chair that I refinished with a cherry stain with a fabric seat. It's all been great and yet I'm beyond tired of it.

This went to the basement! Except the blown glass lamp....

So I started off with new rugs that I think are amazing!!  Tones of blues with browns, hooked wool, maybe a bit small, but that's ok.  That's the toughest thing about a 12X12 bathroom, rugs can look weird and tiny!

A little washed out with the lights, should be a dusty blue background.

I replaced the dark curtains with an oyster linen curtain that has a tiny bit of silvery sheen to add some glamour! They are 105X84, so plenty of bulk and they just brush the floor when hung over the tub/shower.  (I needed something more above my shower, so I just hung a tension rod for the curtains and placed it 1 1/2 feet above my shower curtain liner rod so traditional 84 inch long curtains brush the floor.  It covers the big area above the tub without any fussiness. I may add a couple velvet ribbons to run length wise and break up the white.  Maybe a wide brown?)

Maybe some velvet ribbon to break up the white? Maybe an iron, Erika? Thought the steam could take care of this :)

I added 2 pieces of art above the stool, with new frames (www.patcooperstudios.com) and they add a wonderful splash of color!  I kept the same large mirror.

The frames match the wood for the vanity and new bureau! Love watercolors!

Here is the edge of the mirror that stayed.

I picked up a bureau at our local flea market.  It has been refinished, but the value doesn't matter to me, it was the perfect size and I love the birds eye maple panels in the front and the 2 small drawers on top!  Plus it has a really soft sheen to the wood and it's fairly narrow, so it fit perfectly where the glass shelves used to reside!  I am LOVING the drawers for extra linens, some of my neck scarves and whatever else seems to fit!  I also like the height the bureau provides, as I don't think I want anything on the wall there.  I placed a pretty pink orchid and it works well.

Need a lamp to balance out the drawers, will update ASAP!

I LOVE the wood details on this bureau!

I'm trying out a couple of different lamps for the other side and will update you to see what works.  I love the soft light a lamp provides in my bathroom! It's so relaxing to indulge in a bath with low lights after a long day :)

I need to hit up a vintage store for some velvet to cover the chair cushion, with the wool rugs, it needs something soft and plushy.

Hope you enjoyed the "peek" and I cleaned the bathroom just for you!! ;)  


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