21 April 2012

Visiting Norfolk Virginia

John and I took a mini vacation to Norfolk VA a couple weeks ago to visit our daughter and do a bit of sightseeing.  This was the first time either of us had vacationed on a large, working river near the largest Navy base in the world.  It's the Elizabeth River and quite an active shipyard/working river. 

Our daughter, Gina, provided an in depth history of the area as she works for the Great Bridge Battlefield & Waterways project near Norfolk in Chesapeake and part of her job is to share history of the area.  More about the Great Bridge can be found here www.gbbattlefield.org/ .  I learned it was a pivotal moment  during the Revolutionary War and America's history.

We so enjoyed Norfolk's downtown area that offers tons of local art and some really great dining spots!  The river walk at Town Point Park was marvelous and southern hospitality was apparent!  (The Waterside Mariott had an amazing view and piano lounge that allowed for some relaxing and cocktails!)  It was sobering to seeing the original city limits of Norfolk and St Paul's church with a cannonball still lodged in the brick wall.  It brought us a better understanding of America's birth and a resolution to learn more!

Yes, I got the Waffle Chicken @ The Public House
"Pig Pickin" plate

We traveled the Hamptons Roads area of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Portsmouth.  I fell in love with Wisteria (which has a hard time this far north) and fresh crabs, old brick homes with black doors and the entire city's public dog water dishes!!  (you'll find one available at The Market asap :))

We toured the USS Wisconsin and Nauticus Museum, which was an absolute treasure trove of maritime history!  German U Boats off America's coast in the 40's....brought a whole new recognition of "you sank my battleship"!!

USS Wisconsin

We mostly loved spending time with our daughter and experiencing the successful independent woman she has become and the life she is making in Virginia.  We've missed everything about her!  (except maybe sharing a bathroom)

Great Local Food & Wine @ Vintage Kitchen Norfolk VA

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