12 April 2012

Adventures in pasta making; I am not Italian...

Don't let the dark hair/eyes fool you...I am not Italian.  If I thought I could pass for Italian, the pasta making has stopped me short!

I have tried to make pasta once before, using a rolling pin.  Possible, but deadly on your upper body muscles.  Not to mention, you cannot believe how much pasta 2 cups of flour makes until you begin rolling it out!!  I even had an Italian chef once tell me "Just buy the rolling machine....".

Each year as my birthday rolls around, I make a list in my head of things I need to try/do.  It's kind of how some make New Year's resolutions, only I really feel it as the digits of my life clock roll ahead.  Pasta was on my list this year, along with growing watercress, learning to smoke cigars, setting up a lovely cocktail table in my living room complete with some unusual liquor bottles and crystal decanters (possible now that our youngest daughter is graduating from high school), reading the weekend edition of the WSJ every week and publishing a cookbook.

So, I bought the pasta rolling machine as a gift to myself!  Shiny red, rolls as smooth as silk with just a small twist of the handle!  I attached it to my cutting board (note to self; buy a piece of granite) and I was off rolling out tagliatelle made with eggs!  I set John to work creating a Bolognese sauce to simmer away for the remainder of the afternoon.  

I always get a kick out of Italian directions.  They are printed on fabulous quality paper (none of that white filmy booklet you get in most imported goods) in a small booklet, complete with drawings.  The instructions are totally complete on how to do everything, except actually putting it together/changing the dough sizes!!  With only one knob and 2 holes, John and I figured it out....

I went a bit overboard with the flour dusting!  Whew, still cleaning!  I hoping with a fair amount of practice, I can churn out some wonderful stuff!


I would LOVE any tips you might share for making pasta! 

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