26 April 2012

Raw milk prices astound me...

Just a little thought for the day.

(I'm not debating the raw milk legalities, this is just an observation.)

Currently in Michigan, raw milk (meaning unpasteurized, unlicensed, farm direct
milk) is topping out at around $8.50/gallon.  The customer also picks up the product and purchases a "cow share" which is essentially a fee for housing the cow and legal agreement that you won't sue the farmer if you/children get sick.

A milk producer selling his milk at commodity pricing (the only legal price he can get) sells his milk at about $1.50 a gallon, pays for being licensed, pays his farm cost for raising/housing animals and is held financially/legally responsible by everyone if his milk makes anyone sick or is tainted with antibiotics or growth hormones.

Why is it people are always willing to pay so much more for illegal goods?

We continually complain about pharmaceutical/large corporations/health institutions that are charging, what  many consider, unfair pricing.  We complain about cost of living for gas/electric, insurance etc. yet we are not complaining about the folks making money illegally with absolutely no responsibility if the outcome is negative?  Except drug dealers.  Is it because he's "the little guy" trying to make a buck?  What about the other "little guys" that follow the law?  (Our "little guys"  licensing is currently about $1000 a year.)

I'm all about changing laws when they don't work.  But becoming the catalyst for changing laws doesn't give anyone any right to partake in illegal activity or charge black market pricing.  I would always prefer to be the one that follows the rules and challenges them based on knowledge, experience and respect.  If I didn't, I think I would consider myself just a common criminal regardless of my justifications.



  1. One thing to remember is that the retail price of milk was $1.75/gallon in 1975. With the inflation of everything the farmer has to get since then, feed, equipment, labor, etc., milk in the store should be around $7.50/gallon today. We get milk and other products for considerably less than we should, so $8.50/gallon isn't really a bad deal.

  2. Milk is a commodity product that is traded on the stock market and has a base price that it's sold at. EVERY farmer has the same underlying costs to raise animals, yet any licensed dairy is still only getting the $1.50/gallon. My point wasn't the price, my point is the black market price of an illegally produced milk versus the market price paid for legally produced milk.

  3. The cost of a gallon of regular homo milk at our local true value down the road is $8.69. It pisses me off and it really feels like black market prices! I wish somebody would put a stop to it because their asking a 200% profit when they get it locally and not imported. Shame on true value of orchidland general store which is located in puna Keaau side of Hawaii big island!

  4. Yes,tell me about it the cost of a gallon of homo milk here at our local true value is $8.69 here on the big island of Hawaii in puna outside of Keaau at orchidlan general store.