11 April 2012

I see Macarons in my future...

On a recent  trip to Virginia, my daughter took me to her Ghent neighborhood shop, Le Marche.  A treasure trove of French/French inspired home goods, she understood the clear and present danger.

The only thing that slowed my shopping instinct was the size of my suitcase.  However, the merchant was quick to assure me that they would be "delighted" to ship any of their goods to Michigan!

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to purchase Laduree's new cookbook.  I first experienced their Macarons in Paris and have re-visited the memory frequently.  Laduree put the recipe in this cookbook and even made the cookbook look like their beautiful cookie boxes!  A fuzzy, gold embossed cover, gold leaf pages and purple tissue completed the package, so we are down to the baking itself now!

I will be making my macarons this week and posting as I go.  I would love any tips and techniques from you to make my endeavor more successful!  


  1. Laduree has a cookbook? Gaaaa! Must. Have. Immediately!

    1. Actually, Juli, they have TWO!!! One is the sweet collection and the other is pink and it's the savory collection. They are beautiful books and totally impractical in the kitchen, recipes are looking AMAZING! Feel free to call me if you can't find online and I'll give you the number to Le Marche! Enjoy!