12 November 2011

Incredible Cheeses & First Snowflakes

The first snowflakes of the season for us fell yesterday.  It was beautiful and horrific at the same time.  Giant flakes drifting in the steely grey overcast sky, hanging holiday lights surrounded by cheeses, Italian turrone and fresh bread at The Boulevard Market...all beautiful.  Knowing this will be our weather for the next 5 months...not so beautiful.

I decided instead to think about how many lovely cheeses have arrived from all over the world this week and make myself a Salted Caramel Mocha (recipe to come tomorrow)!

 Beautiful French Goat milk Crottins dusted with Piment d'espelette, a Basque chili pepper that is mild and very flavorful.  I can envision a generous wedge adorning my next omelet! 

The stunning beauty of Shropshire Blue is always a welcome sight for me around the holidays, as it really makes a cheese plate "pop"!  The flavor profile is similar to Stilton, yet a bit stronger with a slightly sour note like Cheshire.  I love it with a thin drizzle of honey!

The plastic glare is not attractive on this Soreda goat cheese assortment...I guess I'll just HAVE to open a package and then I will HAVE to eat them! :) Soreda is a producer of goat cheeses from the Perigord region of France and these tiny trays of goat cheeses are my favorite of their lineup.  Small orbs of fresh goat cheese rolled in various herbs, spices and dried fruit and adorned with a tiny "stem"!  Absolutely charming and delicious!

And finally, the Italians...how can even their cheese wrapper be anything but elegant and stylish?  The wrapper is just the beginning here however.  A combination of  sheep and cows milk in a little soft, furry, pasty package.  Delicate flavor, super rich and creamy, it's a cheese made to celebrate everything in your life!  I paired mine with an Ortrugo made by Santa Giustina in Italy.  Ortrugo is a lovely not-too-dry white wine, and Santa Giustina's Gaia Bucharelli is creating hers in a "vivace" style, meaning just a bit of fizziness to the wine.  Here is Gaia's description of her Ortrugo:

"Color: Light straw Bouquet: Fine, intense, frank, floral, golden apple Taste: Vivace, good structure, equilibrium and long persistence Food paring: Aperitif, cold appetizers, fish"

In Erika's words..."YUM"!     

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