28 November 2011

Holiday Table Display

I'm not good at floral design.  Ever.  In fact, most bouquets that come into my house look the best just plopped into a vase.  I've really taken to the idea of using an abundance of one element in design, that way I can't screw it up!

So this is my newest attempt to be "crafty", and if all else fails, I'll have my mom come over and fix it!  (She is great at floral design!)

I have a thing for Osage Oranges, my "thing" is that they repel spiders!  Double "YAY"!  I also like their chartreuse color and nubby exterior.  I picked up a beautifully simple mahogany tray and piled them on.

I happened upon these nifty, battery operated lights at Target.  I like the combination of shiny bulbs with natural elements and I don't have a convenient spot to plug in on my kitchen table, so the battery feature is great.

I gathered up some boxwood sprigs from my shrubs and a few stubby pine cones from our trees.  I chose the boxwood for it's glossy leaves and I don't think it's poisonous to the animals. (I know they party on my table as soon as I leave for work!)  I think holly would look fantastic too!

I piled all the Osage Oranges up and tucked in my light string so you couldn't see the cord.  I then added my other elements in spots that were uneven/bare and tried to even the whole thing up!

I love this mellow glow and rustic look!  I think a few old mercury bulbs would look great too!


  1. When my husband and I lived in NE they sold osage oranges for $30.00 a dozen!!! I love the arrangement, see you tomorrow for the cooking class.