24 March 2011

Sicilian Catering & Cooking

Yesterday was a big day around The Boulevard Market.  I executed a full plated catering at The Market for 10 people and taught a cooking class of the foods they were eating at the same time.  It was tremendous for me.

 A few years ago we visited Sicily on a buyers tour for The Market and I really fell in love with the cuisine of Sicily.  Maybe not this dish:
But I ate it.  After removing the head, spine and tail of course.  I didn't think my guests would be enthusiastic about eating/cooking this.

I will share recipes and menu (if I can figure out THAT process-ugh!) with you in case you get the urge to cook Sicilian anytime soon! You can find the little recipe book on it's own page if you scroll to the top and click on the page titled "Sicilian Recipe Booklet".  Here is the menu:

Rocket Salad
Pasta in Wine Sauce
Beef Tenderloin
Sicilian Potato Salad
Focaccia Bread with Anchovies
Lemon Mascarpone Cheesecake

I also served wines with the courses; Insolia/Greccanico blend for the antipasti & salad courses and Nero d'Avola for the pasta & main course, both indigenous to Sicily.  I chose a lovely little Zibbiano Moscato for the dessert course!  Espresso and a square of Sicilian style chocolate finished off the evening.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and there was not a bit of food left, except a few bites of focaccia bread with the anchovy/evoo spread, which is adventuresome to many.

I decorated our table in simple cloths, ranunculous in vases and beautiful cheese boards!  Much like I experienced in Italian homes on this trip.  I love the look of antipasti on natural wood and slate. 

I did get a bit involved with the recipe books.  I stopped at a craft store and picked up heavy brown scrapbook paper with a pretty design and patina, cut to fit and wrapped a bit of black paper as a binding, secured with little butterfly clips.  I printed off a title and secured it to the cover with red wax seal...yes, the little sticks do catch fire occasionally, like the warning on the box.

The cooking class was also successful as I did  not spill anything, burn myself or the food and kept on time.  I always appreciate the folks that help me pull off these stunts, in this case Brandie and John!   

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