29 March 2011

The Art of Saying Nothing....

Some of the best advice I've ever received was simple..."you don't need to say anything".  About anyone, for their own good, because they should know how you feel, just to be honest, etc.  It's advice that goes against every psychiatrist, Oprah guest guru and best friends around the globe, but it works for me. 

This is not about repressing my feelings (maybe it is?) it's about not saying anything until I have a chance to calm down.  "CD" as it's known in my house full of; 4 women, 2 cats, a puppy, 1 man, in-laws that live 4 miles away, parents that live 3 miles away and running 4 businesses with your husband.  "CD" is stressed on a daily basis (even if it's NOT said out loud) for us. 

I can guarantee that I drive John crazy.  We are polar opposites on so many things, yet have been married 22 years.  We often practice the art of saying nothing,( usually because we are too dang tired to argue)...but because we respect each other and don't need to bring up negative finger pointing.  Ugh, there is nothing worse than having to admit your own shortcomings, out loud no less.  This makes our marriage happier because it's without all those nasty comments dangling around. 

We are beginning the process of remodeling our Four Corners Creamery kitchen at The Boulevard Market.  We are getting lots of practice in "The Art of Saying Nothing".  I am saying lots of prayers to make it quick!  

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