01 May 2013

Non-traditional Paint Project

I almost always choose the classic style, the proven combination, the traditional, the button down cardigan in black. I like it that way. Season after season it looks "nice". I'm not exactly sure what just happened here. I chose non-traditional paint colors for the exterior doors and shed and mailbox.

Before; Mid-western white with Sage green trim. It was a nice color combo, that was just needing a paint job.

I like it. I think it has style....or at least more than it had before! I am excited to plant the windowbox with purple something or other and John has agreed to not mow over any perennials (or maybe sunflowers) I might plant along the bottom.

I didn't photograph the mailbox yet. I spray painted it with copper paint to see if I'd like a real copper mailbox. It's unusual and funky and fun. I think I owe the mailman a bonus since I'm almost positive he had copper smears of paint on his hands for a couple days! It also took the entire can of spray paint to cover evenly.

It feels good to do something a bit different. A bit uncomfortable at first, but hey, in my case, it is just paint!

1 comment:

  1. It looks great! An eggplant shade on the flower box would be terrific. Yay, you, for thinking outside the box.