11 March 2012

"Just Sayin"

DISCLAIMER: This post is going to be a small rant on the term "Just Sayin".

I really dislike the whole"just sayin" term.  I've been sitting back and listening to customers, teenagers, small children and more coining this phrase. 

What I dislike the most about it, is they preface the "Just Sayin" comment with something completely nasty or rude.  For example; "Your ass looks enormous in those pants...just sayin." 

As if the "just sayin" at the end excuses them from all responsibility of the rude comment and you should just accept the rudeness because, they were "just sayin" it like it is.

Rarely have I heard "just sayin" attached to any positive words.  I think that might make me change my mind and enjoy being part of the crowd.  "You look beautiful....just sayin."  "You do laundry like a rockstar...just sayin"  "Sexy shoes...just sayin"   

Thanks for listening...just sayin!

1 comment:

  1. Just like how when someone says, "No offense, but..." they are about to say something offensive but don't want to take the heat for it.