11 February 2012

Being Innkeepers...our Inn On Evans

Nearly 3 years ago to the day, John and I decided to become Innkeepers.  It wasn't a decision made lightly, it was in the 5 year plan.  A faulty water heater on the 2nd floor of The Market that burst a pipe and allowed thousands of gallons of water to flow overnight bumped up our timeline.  That being said, I've never regretted our decision.  We've met some very interesting folks, become masters of accommodation and really only had one "problem" that couldn't be resolved.  I have an appreciation of urban apartments and historic districts, so I never expect those places to be perfect.  Much like our place, they have their quirks.  I'm not going to make it sound like all roses and sunshine....it can be really hard work to find the right staff for cleaning, managing reservations, billing etc.  but the joy that comes from being a part of someone's wedding, family holidays and more is wonderful!     

Our upper floor consists of 3 studio apartments that we furnished and transitioned  for overnight guests.  We modeled these around apartments we've stayed in in Europe (but with cable, Wi-Fi and air :))  Guests are given the security code for the main entrance, a free parking spot and my cell number or they stop into The Market for a quick check-in.  There is no "front desk" but extra "everything you may need" is stashed in linen closets in each apartment. 

Our Inn is unique for extended stays as we kept all of the kitchens intact.  You can scramble a few local eggs and stash beverages in the fridge!  You can drink your coffee/tea from a real mug and eat with real silverware!  All at your cafe table overlooking our small, charming city! 

New this year is a bevy of services which is fun!  Need a Champagne candlelight dinner with a private chef?  Spa services?  Fresh flowers?  A decorated room for a birthday/anniversary/wedding party?  Private wine tasting or cooking class?  We can do all that and more!  Our great staff members at The Market are wearing a couple hats now and it's really exciting!

Here's a few photos taken at last week's Open House;

The Inn On Evans is a bit unusual as you are more independent versus a full service hotel.  Being located in a historic downtown does give you the advantage of walking to the local bakery, coffee shop, restaurants as they are all located within a couple blocks.  Tecumseh has also installed an outdoor Art Trail which is very cool.  We like this when traveling.  It gives us a sense of community versus off the beaten path locations.

Everyday we learn more about keeping an Inn and making it more enjoyable for our guests.  We try to make it comfortable and relaxing, a place that we'd like to stay.  Come stay with us! 

You can find more information and photos at www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=3275742734433&id=1293391030&ref=notif&notif_t=feed_comment#!/pages/Inn-on-Evans/102696809562 

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  1. I love what you have done with the property. My dad had the apartment facing Chicago Blvd. It is on my short list to come home and stay in his old place.