14 May 2011

Do you ever have the feeling your life is spinning so fast like a colorful, striped metal top?  Have you gotten it whirling in the sunshine, zipping along the concrete, feeling exhirilarated because it just keeps moving?!  And then *eeekk* it hits a pebble, starts to sway and then violently skids along out of control until it comes to a slow and painful stop, with the paint job a little worse for the wear?

This may be a tiny bit dramatic.  I have had that feeling for a few weeks now, and today is the official end.
I think I just need to write about all the great things that happened these weeks to feel a bit of gratitude, bring a smile, to feel creative, to get back to myself!!

Our oldest daughter, Gina, graduated from the University of Michigan.  Gina is a lovely woman with such a promising future.  I miss her now that she's living in Virginia.  John and I are looking forward to visiting her in July.

I made "Marrow Bones" for the first time, a la Julia Childs.  Interesting, slightly creepy but pretty tasty.  I will be doing a blog post about them in the near future!

Spring flowers are blooming all over the yard, including these miniature bearded iris in a pale, lemon yellow.  Fragrant and prolific, I also love the dusty green foliage when they are spent for  the season.

Most of my fruit trees are blooming, but this dwarf peach tree is one of my favorites!  It has long, burgundy leaves all season that flutter in the breeze and it's only about 3 foot tall.  The blossoms are so bright and large for such a small guy!

Tragic- Pierre was sitting on my foot and I didn't realize he was helping himself to my favorite pantleg.....can anyone say capri's?  Pierre is not much of a chewer of our things, usually.

Pierre and I hosted a Dog Party at he Market with Sandy and Izzy's help.  We invited all of our customers and their dogs to have snacks, wine, doggie nail polishing and more.  I was impressed with the dogs behavior and they were rewarded with cupcakes and sniffing!!!  I am looking forward to another get together very soon!  Here a picture of a few of us!  Guiness, Kate, Ruth, Amanda, Cici, Erika, Pierre, Sandy, Izzy, Emily



  1. Love this post! Why? 1)The flowers are fabulous. 2)I'll have to take your word for it on the marrow bones. (But have you discovered "Blood, Bones, & Butter" by Gabrielle Hamilton? Great autobiography of a foodie and chef. Love the writing.)3)Oh, naughty Pierre! How in the world did he chew those pants so quietly you didn't know he was doing so? and 4)Our son is going to U of Michigan in the fall! We are traveling back there to pop him into his dorm in late August. Which leads me to 5)How close is Tecumseh to Ann Arbor? (I think we need to exchange email addresses. Is there a way to do this in a less public forum than the Comments?)

  2. Juli-
    Who would have ever imagined your son would be in Michigan?!! Tecumseh is only about 20 miles south of Ann Arbor, very close! Our creamery supplies cheese to many restaurants in Ann Arbor, so we are there at least three times a week! My email is erika@boulevardmarket.com. Please feel free to email me and we can all meet for dinner or something while you are in Ann Arbor! I would love to meet you! I'll look forward to hearing from you! E