23 May 2011

Are you Parisian chic?

One of the best things about having daughters is...they encourage me to buy a book "Parisian Chic" and then tell me I look ridiculous when I follow the advice!!!!

I ran across this book and it was fun and funky- off beat places to visit in Paris, fashion tips and even some decor tips.  I was gung-ho to read it...until I found out I'm doing everything WRONG!

I got the white jeans thing right (see previous post on their tragic destruction) and a navy v-neck, but then I got crazy and added a cute little yellow neck scarf....the author now says I resemble a famous Scandinavian store.  For real?

Never wear a necklace and earrings at the same time?  No mascara on the bottom lashes?  No red or green tank tops?  I am a fashion faux-pas a la mode!!!

So, maybe I should listen to the girls more?  Oh la-la!

The only thing I have going for me at this point is a great handbag....

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